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Let's have a great 2023 season!


It's that time again folks! Trails will be open on Friday, May 26th. The exception is Field Rd on Dan Corey, which will open after planting season and up over Belt Burner Hill. The trail over Mountain (Belt Burner Hill), will be open in 2024 due to building and roadwork being done this year.

Please remember to check the opening dates of neighboring clubs. Please respect landowners rights! If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be enjoying ourselves riding the trails!

Our volunteers create and maintain 100+ miles of ATV trails in the Maine towns of Island Falls, Dyer Brook, Oakfield, Crystal and Hersey, plus some unorganized townships. Along our trails, which are on public and private land, you'll find "Bible Point," which is where President Teddy Roosevelt would go to read his Bible. Places to eat along our trails include Porters Restaurant, The Slice Restaurant and Birch Point Restaurant. Connecting trails go to Patten, Shin Pond Village, Sherman, Smyrna, where you'll find Brookside Restaurant, and Andersons Mill Pond Dairy Bar in Hodgdon.

Check out our trail work photo gallery.

Trail Work Photo Gallery
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